Swipe and Date with Tinder App

The swipe and get a match app or “tinder” is a widely used dating application by millions of users every day. This app is supported by both IOS and android. Tinder is a platform for people to find their match, chat, and date them. Tinder helps people to meet other people, and it expands the reach of singles ‘social networks, making ease to people to interact between people who might have never crossed the paths. Tinder makes you experience a virtual dating experience that feels like an actual meeting path. With help of tinder millions of users have found their desired matches. Right swipe means you find the match perfect fit in your list and are ready to connect with them. Also, you can left swipe the ones you feel like don’t belong to your category or you are not interested in. Just make an account with all the basic information, apply the filters for match and you are all set to rock! 


 • For android:

1. Download the TINDER app from the play store.

2. Select the appropriate login method.

3. Tap on create an account option.

4. Enter your phone number and verify, 

5. Or you can log in using a Facebook account.

6. Set up your profile 

7. Allow access to all the permissions required by tinder 

8. Go on, swiping. 

• For iOS

 1. Download the TINDER app for iOS. 

 2. Tap on “create an account, “option.

 3. Enter and verify your phone number

 4. Enter your email address

 5. Connect an account — your Apple account or Facebook account for smooth sign-in experience.

 6. Set up your profile

 7. Allow access to all needed authorizations.

 8. And get going. 

 There are many dating apps around the world which are being used by various people around, but tinder became successful due to various features, the basic yet most attractive part about this app is its very own features.


  • You can access Google or Facebook account– Logging in to dating apps should always be made easy. There can be a lot of hassles while creating an account, tinder makes it easy for its users by giving them the option to sign in with Facebook or Google and help them create an account. You won’t have to add basic information like email, name, age, etc. 
  • Location-based suggestions– When an app is created it should be localized and personalized. You don’t want to connect with someone in Australia if you live in India, tinder comes with a location-based filter where you can select according to your preferred location and find your perfect match.

 • Searching with filters– If you wish to find a particular tinder makes it easier for you to find them based on their name, age, and other criteria that you have about a particular profile. This allows you to meet people and connect with them. Also, if you want people to search you based on your filters make sure you give them advanced search options and plenty of filters to make their work simpler.

         • Blocking users made easy– Whenever an app is created they have some issues as well, which needs to be taken care of and handled properly. Tinder has kept this point well in mind and has made it safer for the community. Let’s say if a person is messaging another person which may harm his/her sentiments so, you can block that person easily and the other person will not be able to view or profile or message you. It is a very important feature to develop one of the most popular dating apps as it concerns user experience.

  • Notification and real-time alerts– Personalization experience can hold a person’s interest in an app and can be very useful as well. Tinder provides you with this experience to make sure you get real-time alerts and messages. The idea is to provide exactly those messages to you which you are waiting for to receive. Suppose, if you are talking to someone so alerts could be related to their chat or messages. These features help to make tinder the most successful dating app across the globe.

Conclusion-Tinder is a very successful and helpful dating app used by many people across the world. It does not have any age boundary so people of every age group can easily use the app. If you like someone just swiping right is the step for someone you reject just swipe left, if a person likes you back – it’ll be a match!

It provides you a platform to build your social network, find locals to hang out and chill while traveling, find people to connect according to your vibe. It is one such platform for all your dating problems. It is safe, easy to access. Just login and swipe your data